I’ve been putting off writing this post about our trip. Let’s just say it didn’t go as I planned.
After 2 long flights, we finally landed in Cusco. My girls did so well and they were happy to finally be on land.
Cusco is such a magical town, it always takes me back to my childhood. Even though Cusco is a tourist destination
and a little bit too expensive, it’s magical and beautiful and worth visiting.
This time I was flying for “La Garramada,”  a big family reunion with about 125 family members.
It was so great seeing family I hadn’t seen since I was probably 11 years old.
We visited the hacienda where my grandmother was born  in Oropesa, and it seems like that little town was stuck in time.
Cusco is located 11,200 ft above sea level and almost feels like you can touch the beautiful sky with your fingers.
I love this town so much, this is where I got married and where I baptized Everly, so it holds a special place in my heart.
People in this town are so friendly, there are always parades and delicious food.
But with that said… the weather can be brutal and I probably won’t take back an 8 month old baby again. We all got 
so sick after after the first week. We had a horrible cold, 104 fevers, a cough and all those wonderful things that come with being sick.
Here some pictures before we got sick.
Cusco B3

Jack & Lola Photography

Today I wanted to blog about my friend Lyndsey, owner of “Jack & Lola Photography.” I’m always so impressed by how she can freeze moments in time with her camera. When I was going to Ad School, photography wasn’t my forte, too technical for me… But seeing how beautiful her pictures are… inspire me to try.
Here are some pictures she’s taken of our family.J&L10J&L9

Jack & Lola Photography

Off To Peru

Trying to pack light with an 8 month old baby and a 4 year old princess, “Not happening”.We have traveled quite a bit with our first kid and I think I have learned to pack smart. My philosophy is “be prepared, just in case” and with that said, I probably over-pack every time… I’m going back home to see my family and friends and this time my husband’s staying behind with our dogs. Little nervous taking this flight by myself with the girls but I think it would be so worth it when I look back.