Buying a House

I always thought buying a house was going to be this magical journey of falling in love with a house. 
Just like you fall in love with your partner in life! 
But this journey, which has currently lasted less than 5 days and 6 hours … has only brought headaches and tears.
It is kind of joke that it hasn’t even been a week and most people look for months before they make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Oh! And not to mention we only saw two houses. But I did fall in love with the first one we saw. And yes, as my husband pointed out,  it was nothing that we ever talked about wanting in a house.  But I can see my girls running around in the yard, having beautiful fairy tea parties, and walk to their pre-school. Not to mention it has a beautiful garage that looks like a little barn and it has been converted into an office space. Which would perfect for our Casa Azul Studio. 
I guess buying a house is just like getting married, it’s a lifetime commitment, you are madly in love in the beginning, you find faults along the way, you fix them and love them again.
Anyway, we are looking for more houses to satisy my husband. But I’m crushed! How do you know it’s the right house? How emotional should one be through this process? In the meantime, I’ll obsess on Pinterest and keep dreaming of falling in love again and again
House 1
house6house 4 house 3