Foxy Family

Halloween is around the corner and of course we are obsessing about costumes… but when you have your 4 year old daughter make the final executive decision, it gets a little complicated! It changed from being Elsa, to being a llama, to Katie Perry in the “Roar video”. Even though Katy Perry would have been so funny specially because she wanted her little sister to be the tiger from the music video. I finally got my way because we are going to be a fox family.” Yay!!


The inspiration is the Fantastic  Mr. Fox. I wish I could do a full-on mask but I’m afraid Arden (9 months old) would be too scared, so I found this cute mask tutorial from Handmade Charlotte. 

fox mask

Welcome to Everly’s Pizzeria!

Walk-ins welcome, the only catch… you have to make your own pizza! We had our little friends over making their own dinner and keeping those little fingers busy.

Pizza night1

We bought the dough and sauce from our local Italian market, Angelo’s in Belmont Shore, but Trader Joe’s carries pizza dough for about $3 as well as Pizza Sauce. For the cheese we used cheese sticks  (kid Friendly) and easy to use.

Pizza night2

The pizza turned out great, and the kids ate every single piece!

1. Set oven to 450
2. Split the dough in 3 pieces
3. Using flour, start making a round shape with the dough
4. After you made a round shape for your pizza add the sauce and cheese.
5. Put in the oven for about 12 minutes and serve.

Come One Come All, “Everly Is Turning One”

When it came to planning Everly’s first bday party I started planning more than 2 months in advance. From invitation, to the cake and most everything was made by us.It sure helps a lot that my husband likes to cook and he is in charge of all the food.Our house is pretty small so we needed to use the front yard and for seating, we used hay. We thought it went with the theme plus it was cheap.


My husband Chad made the cupcakes he iced the cupcakes first and then added some mini marshmallows on top so it would look like popcorn buckets.
For the favors, I used tin buckets I found at  Target for $1, some animal masks, clown noses, and made a label for the animal crackers.
The entrance we covered with a big top tent. I had striped fabric leftover from a previous party and I thought I could make it into a big top. I bought PVC pipe for the frame and used lots of duct tape and fabric glue.
I’ll be posting tutorials and free printables soon .
Tin Buckets / target
Clown Noses / Oriental Trading
Animal Mask / Michael’s
Black & White Stripe Fabric / Ikea